Friday, July 12, 2013

Book Review: The Madness Underneath by Maureen Johnson

This book should seriously come with a warning like "WARNING: Do not read if prone to emotional breakdowns because of fictional characters."
Okay, time for me to sound like a three-year-old when I say that it's just not fair! WHY? WHY?

A new threat haunts the streets of London…
Rory Deveaux has changed in ways she never could have imagined since moving to London and beginning a new life at boarding school. As if her newfound ability to see ghosts hadn’t complicated her life enough, Rory’s recent brush with the Jack the Ripper copycat has left her with an even more unusual and intense power. Now, a new string of inexplicable deaths is threatening London, and Rory has evidence that they are no coincidence. Something sinister is going on, and it is up to her to convince the city’s secret ghost-policing squad to listen before it’s too late.

There were many good aspects to this novel that didn't make me internally sob. That was left to the last ten or so pages. For example, you don't actually know who the antagonist of this novel is until the last section, when you realize how obvious it was all along. It was right under the reader's nose. However, I certainly wasn't expecting it.
Johnson left the end of this book at a cliffhanger, building up plot ideas for the next book. There certainly are some aspects that I would thoroughly like to be resolved.
I really liked Rory's love life in this book. In the first book, Rory had a boyfriend named Jerome that I enjoyed but didn't like I don't know, DIE over or anything. Then, this book rolls around and a new love interest is discovered at the very end and then it's shattered and I CAN'T.
This book actually was really quite slow in the beginning but if you are having doubts, don't! The ending will make it all worth it, I promise.
If you haven't checked out the first book in this series, The Name of the Star, then I highly recommend it. This book has left me in a very fragile state.
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
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